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Ducted Evaporative AC Perth

This air conditioning system works best with the hot and dry climate of Western Australia. It provides a low cost solution for simultaneous cooling of an entire home, especially those with children and pets.

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Ideal Application

Perfect for the hot dry West Australian summers and ideally suited to our home designs. Great for growing families, your indoor plants will thrive and any odours in your home are quickly eliminated.
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How It Works

The unit is placed on the roof wherein its water laden filter pads draw cool fresh air, which is then pumped into the house via ducting in the roof cavity. Stale air inside the house is replaced every 2 – 3 minutes, quickly eliminating odours in the home. This system works even when windows are left open, making it ideal for large homes and those with pets and children.
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Bonaire Ducted Evaporative Air Con Perth

Pros And Cons Of Using Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning


Here are some of the reasons why your household can benefit from this type of air cooling system:

  • Lower cost in terms of purchase, setup, and energy consumption compared to standard or split air conditioning systems.
  • Environmentally-friendly not just from low electricity use but also because it adds moisture to air in the house naturally, it does not emit greenhouse gases into environment.
  • A constant supply of cool air is pumped throughout the home all at once with no need for zoning.
  • Works even when doors and windows are open.
  • Noise is barely noticeable as the unit is placed on the roof.
  • Filter pads also remove dust and pollen from the air before it goes into the house


Even as evaporative air conditioners have their distinct advantages, here are some issues to this system that you should be aware of before deciding if this is the best one for you:

  • The system requires a steady supply of water to function
  • It needs consistent air supply from outside
  • Regular cleaning is necessary in order to avoid accumulation of mold and mineral deposits in the pads, screens, blades, and nozzles.
  • Reduced efficiency when humidity is high or when it is rainy
  • Improper installation can increase risk water leaking from the ceiling outlets
  • Filters do not remove all allergens and irritants from the air

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Capacity 70 – 210 sqm, 3 – 10 outlets 70 – 210 sqm, 3 – 10 outlets 70 – 180 sqm, 3 – 9 outlets
Operating Efficiency 9 – 10 cents/hour electricity & water ; Around $1 a day to run 9 – 10 cents/hour electricity & water ; Around $1 a day to run 9 – 10 cents/hour electricity & water
Power Supply 10A 240v 10A 240v 10A 240v
Controller Fully automatic / Thermostat Single aFully automatic remote / Thermostatnd 3 Phase Cool / Ventilate variable speed
Warranties 5 years parts and labour (optional 2 year extended)

25 year cabinet warranty

10 year structural warranty

10 year warranty on ductwork components

7 years parts and labour

25 year cabinet warranty

10 year structural warranty

10 year warranty on ductwork components

5 years parts and labour

25 year cabinet warranty

10 year warranty on ductwork components

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